Bonfim 545 Cowork

The project, authored by RIHU Studio, is located on the ground floor of a building from the 1960s, situated in Bonfim, the eastern area of Porto. Designed to offer a collaborative and contemporary work environment, it is aimed at independent professionals or small companies in fields such as physical rehabilitation, aesthetics, family health, well-being, nutrition, and psychology. Aiming to transform a space that was previously cold and dimly lit, the main concepts of the project were to create a comfortable atmosphere and a modern minimalist aesthetic, even on a limited budget, where natural and sustainable materials in neutral tones predominate.

The white walls visually expand the space and increase brightness, while the vinyl flooring facilitates cleaning and maintenance, and the wood provides a warm and intimate space.

The elements that stand out most in the project are the curved wall at the entrance area, and the vertical slats of birch plywood, which introduce texture and a visual rhythm to the environment. The furniture, also made of birch plywood, complements the natural and simple aesthetics of the design. The lighting, carefully thought out and integrated with recessed lights in covings, highlights the texture of the walls and provides a peaceful and welcoming atmosphere.

Project: Bonfim 545 Cowork
Localization: Porto, Portugal
Architecture: RIHU Studio -
Architects: Rita Gomes e Hugo Teixeira
Construction: Archiplus -
Eletricity: Infinitech Engenharia
Photography: RIHU Studio -
Area: 88m2
Year: 2024

Brands: CINCA, Gosimat, CIN, Sanitana, FORBOol

The lighting is controlled by presence sensors, and the use of woods certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) reflects a commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency. These choices aim to minimize energy waste and reduce long-term operational costs, promoting a conscious and eco-friendly workplace, and demonstrate a concern for environmental impact and the importance of sustainable practices.

The 88m2 space consists of an entrance hall, five offices, a pantry, a toilet facility, and a small storage area. Each work office is equipped with a cabinet/locker and sink, and has access controlled by smart locks to increase security and privacy. The pantry serves not only for meals but also as a place for rest and interaction among professionals. The final result is a space that conveys a sense of calm and order, with carefully selected materials that are essential for establishing a collaborative and serene workspace.